Software Design and Specifications


Database Design Principles

MySQL Database Design

API Design Principles

An API should do one thing

Why: If an API can do more than one thing, it can lead to messy and error-prone code. Also, it is less readable and maintainable.

How: Don’t do different things by passing different parameter values.


Development Specifications

Dependency Versions

Use a common parent maven project to manage the version of dependencies.

Why: Easy to update all project dependencies to the latest version. Easy to remove vulnerable dependency versions for all projects.


Use OS environment variables or external configuration files to configure all external resources like databases.

Why: Avoid exposing sensitive information.

Trivial Files

Generated trivial files should include in the gitignore, or put out of the project.

Why: Make sure the source code is clean and easy to commit code.

Unit Test

Unit test code should be able to be executed directly without preconditions like creating a database.

Why: If unit test code can’t be executed directly, test code become hard to use.


Need changed static configurations (key-values) should read from dictionary table of database or project configuration files

Why: Hardcoding makes code difficult to extend and maintain.





Before execute a delete SQL statement on product databases, must make sure the data is correct by executing a select SQL rewrite by the delete SQL.