Software You Can Write


Browser plugins

Chrome extensions

IDE plugins

Web, Mobile and Desktop Application

Management System


Website categories

  1. E-commerce: Websites that facilitate online buying and selling of goods and services, such as Amazon or eBay.
    1. Shopping mall
  2. Social Networking: Websites that connect people and allow them to interact and share information, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
    1. IM
    2. Forum/BBS
  3. News and Media: Websites that provide news articles, videos, and other multimedia content, such as CNN or BBC.
  4. Blogs and Personal Websites: Websites where individuals or organizations publish articles and personal opinions, such as WordPress or Blogger.
  5. Educational: Websites that provide information, resources, and learning materials for educational purposes, such as Khan Academy or Coursera.
  6. Entertainment: Websites that offer various forms of entertainment, such as games, videos, music, or movies, such as Netflix or YouTube.
  7. Government and Nonprofit: Websites belonging to government institutions or nonprofit organizations, providing information, services, and resources, such as or Red Cross.
  8. Business and Corporate: Websites representing businesses and corporations, providing information about products, services, and company details, such as Apple or Coca-Cola.
  9. Sports: Websites dedicated to sports news, scores, analysis, and related information, such as ESPN or NBA.
  10. Travel and Tourism: Websites that provide information and services related to travel planning, accommodations, and tourist attractions, such as TripAdvisor or

Mobile Software

Desktop Software

  • Instant message. E.g. Telegram.
  • Email client. E.g. Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Web browser. E.g. Google Chrome.
  • Office software. E.g. Microsoft Office, Typora, XMind.
  • Note-taking software. E.g. Notion, Evernote.
  • PDF reader. E.g. SumatraPDF.
  • File processing. E.g. 7-Zip
  • Media player. E.g. VLC.
  • Media processing. E.g. FFmpeg, HandBrake, GIMP.
  • Flashcard app. E.g. anki.
  • Stream Media. E.g. Spotify.
  • HTTP proxy. E.g. V2rayN.

Libraries, Tools, Services


  • General-purpose libraries for programming language. E.g. Apache Commons Lang.
  • File processing. E.g. Apache POI.
  • Data parser. E.g. org.json.
  • Chart, Report, Graph.
  • Logging.
  • Testing.
  • HTTP Client.

Developer Tools

  • Editor
  • IDE
  • Service Client.


  • Web servers. E.g. Nginx, Apache Tomcat.
  • Databases. E.g. MySQL.
  • Cache. E.g. Redis.
  • Search engines. E.g. Elasticsearch.
  • Deliver software / contioner. E.g. Docker.
  • Other services. E.g. Gotenberg, Aliyun services (media, ai).

Operating Systems

Programming Languages