How to Get Familiar with a New Software Project

Running the project

How to configure your local environment to run the project.

How the project was designed

Business Architecture Design

  • Business Process
  • System Function Structure

Application(System) Architecture Design

Type: Monolithic, Distributed, SOA


  • Horizontal division: frontend, middle server, backend server.

  • Vertical division: subsystems.

Technical Architecture Design

Technology Stack

Techniques of every layer.

Layers: Persistence layer, data layer, logic layer, application layer, view layer.

Database Design

Interface Design

Implementation of Core Functions

Data Access

Data Source configuration, encapsulation, use

Redis configuration, encapsulation, use

Elasticsearch configuration, encapsulation, use

System Core Functions

User, role, privilege, and menu

Login authentication and authorization

Exception Handler


File upload and download

Data import and export

Scheduling Tasks


Code generation

A Module’s CRUD Function Implementation

How to Develop

Git Management

Project File Structure

The process of developing a module

Development Specification

Developing a New Module

Create a database table.

Write module source code.

Running project.

Test module functions.